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Digium's 2009 Telecom Stimulus Package

Digium                    Switchvox

Up to $1000 Rebate on Digium Switchvox IP PBX Appliances

Digium® is launching its own worldwide Telecom Stimulus Program to help businesses invest in their most important piece of office equipment…..their phone system! Buy a Switchvox® appliance with SMB software and at least 20 subscriptions between March 1st and April 30th 2009 and receive up to a $1000 rebate!
Eligible Products:

Any Switchvox IP PBX appliance with SMB Software and at least 20 subscriptions.

Rebate Amounts:

Switchvox SMB with 20 Silver Subscriptions: $500 Rebate*

Switchvox SMB with 20 Gold Subscriptions:
$750 Rebate*

Switchvox SMB with 20 Platinum Subscriptions:
$1000 Rebate*

* 20 subscriptions need to be part of the order. Systems purchased through Telephony Depot  include 10 free subscriptions, so you would need to buy 10 more subscriptions for a total of 20 to be eligible for the rebate.

3 Steps to Claim Your Rebate:

Step 1:
Buy a Switchvox appliance with SMB software from March 1st through April 30th 2009.

Step 2:
Download the Telecom Stimulus Claim Form, located at www.digium.com/stimulusclaimform

Step 3:
Complete the claim form in its entirety. E-mail the claim form and a copy of the invoice to rebates@digium.com, or fax it to 256-428-6058.

Rebate checks will made payable to the end-user company and sent within 6 weeks from the date the claim form is approved by Digium. You will receive an e-mail when the rebate has been approved for payment

The Switchvox Appliance can be customized to add additional users, analog and digital phone lines. Please contact a Telephony Depot sales representative at 1-800-337-1358 to discuss your custom system.

For FAQ's, terms and conditions regarding this promotion, please click HERE.

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