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Digium TE820B

Digium TE820B

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List Price: $2,990.00

  • Manufacturer: Digium
  • Model: 1TE820BF
  • UPC: 797734601343
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Availability: Available to ship same business day
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Digium TE820B Specifications

-Up To Eight (8) T1, E1 or J1 interfaces*
-Up to 192 (T1/J1) or 240 (E1) simultaneous calls
-Interfaces are software selectable (T1, E1
or J1 Mode)
-Half-length, full-height PCI-Express card
- 128ms hardware echo
cancellation module
*4 RJ-45 connectors, each supporting two circuits. Break-out dongles are included.
Target Applications
-Enterprise Phone Systems
-Enterprise IVR Servers
-High-density VoIP gateway systems
-High-density conferencing systems
-Carrier media server platforms
Framing Types
-Superframe (D4)
-Extended Superframe (ESF)
-Channel Associated Signaling (CAS)
-Common Channel Signaling (CCS)
Coding Types
-Alternative Mark Inversion (AMI)
-Bipolar with Eight (8) Zero Substitution (B8ZS)
-High Density Bipolar Order Three (HDB3)
with optional CRC4
PRI Switch Compatibility
-EuroISDN (PRI or PRA) — Q.931/Q.921
-AT&T 4ESS Network or CPE
-DMS 100 National ISDN 2
-Lucent 5E CAS Voice Modes

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