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Why Jabra Headsets?

Better Sound – Better Business.
Jabra headsets just sound better. They build superior headsets with high quality speakers that deliver the best sound for every conversation, every time.

Jabra Wireless Headset Experience.
Jabra has developed a full range of wireless office headsets to help you meet the demands of the modern office. The wireless headset untethers you from your desk, allowing greater comfort and productivity.

Jabra Headsets are Future Proof.
Jabra offers headsets that are optimized for IP telephony. Jabra has IP headsets for softphones, hard phones or both. Wireless or corded. Jabra even offer headsets that work with traditional telephone systems now, yet are ready for IP systems when you upgrade.

Jabra Amplifiers are the Ultimate in Sound Quality.
Jabra amplifiers enhance the quality of calls by reducing background noise and providing a consistent volume level.

Jabra's DuraFlex™ Cords and Cables.
The most reliable and durable in the industry, Jabra's DuraFlex cables are virtually indestructible, ensuring that every conversation is static-free.

Jabra's Lightweight Headsets Produce Heavy-Duty Sound.
Jabra headsets are about 20% lighter than the competition, yet they deliver the best quality sound and durability available.

Jabra Headsets Provide a Custom Fit.
Jabra headsets adjust to your head and face, so you always get a comfortable, custom fit that lasts and lasts.

Jabra Headsets are Styled to Fit Every User.
Choose from a variety of different wearing styles, booms, microphones and sound in one or both ears. You can customize your headset to match both the office environment and technical properties of your phone.

Jabra's Two-Year “No Fine Print” Warranty for corded headsets.
When you build a better product, you can provide the right warranty. We invented the Two-Year, No Fine Print, Warranty–because our products last, even in the toughest call center environment. Why settle for less?

They’re solid.
Every Jabra headset is built for reliability and durability. Jabra headsets are designed, tested and built to endure the toughest office environments.

What Really Matters When You're Choosing a Headset?

You’ve spent a lot of time and money building an efficient, professional business. You’ve invested in equipment. Infrastructure. Training. Don’t squander that investment by choosing the wrong headsets.When you compare headset to headset, you will discover real differences that really do matter, to you and your business. You’ll find that, in every area that matters, your best choice is Jabra.

Comfort Matters
Buy a headset that doesn’t fit, and you could feel the pinch directly impacting productivity, customer relations and equipment costs. Light makes right. What makes a headset comfortable? A number of things, but weight is probably the first thing you’d notice. What you want is a headset so light you hardly notice it. Make yourself comfortable.

Clarity Matters
By keeping your customers from hearing you as well as they could, your headsets may be undermining all you do to present a professional image – and all you’ve done to keep your customers happy. What they don’t hear could cost you. Headsets with inferior sound quality actually hinder communication, productivity and profitability. Better sound means better business.

Compatibility Matters
The right headsets make obsolescence worries obsolete. You have enough to worry about. You shouldn’t have to be concerned with headset compatibility. Compatibility worries are a thing of the past. With Jabra, there’s nothing to worry about. Jabra headsets work with a wide range of telephones – virtually all business phones, in fact. But what about the future? As VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) proliferates, so do questions about headset compatibility. With Jabra, that’s another worry you can scratch off your list. Our headsets work with IP desksets or IP softphones. All Jabra headsets are future-ready. With Jabra, you can capitalize on the increased capacity of VoIP. Or whatever the future may bring.

Safety Matters
With more and more people using headsets, hearing protection is becoming a hot topic.For good reason. Exposure to excessive noise is the most common cause of hearingloss. And once your hearing is damaged, there is no way to repair it. But you can avoidit, with headsets that are carefully designed to protect your hearing. When it comes to people’s hearing, the only way to play it is to play it safe. With Jabra.

Durability Matters
It’s not that tough to choose a headset that will last. Durability should be one of your most important considerations when choosing a headset. A high-quality headset will not only save you in replacement costs, but you’ll also be spared downtime and repair hassles. That’s why, while other headset companies have focused on making it easy to return their broken headsets, Jabra has focused on making sure ours don’t break. Tested for toughness. Time and time again. Jabra headsets are built to last.  We stand behind every headset.

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