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Grandstream Provisioning Service

Telephony Depot’s Grandstream provisioning technology enables service providers and IT administrators to deploy Grandstream devices from a central location, whether the devices are deployed over the Internet behind firewall/NAT or within a corporate network environment. The automated provisioning technologies not only allow "zero" configuration, plug-and-dial for end users, but also make it possible for system administrators to remotely control, modify settings and upgrade firmware in an automatic and secure fashion.
  • Reduce Overhead - Streamline your company's phone provisioning process by having Telephony Depot provision your Grandstream products.
  • Easy to Use - Create your own provisioning profiles or have Telephony Depot do it for you.
  • Custom Provisioning - Share profiles among all your customers, or customize them based on phone model, ATA, etc.
  • Individual Client Account Management - Resellers and service providers can access their own profiles to make their own provisioning changes.

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