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Pricing Policy

Website Pricing Explained

If you are a first time visitor to our website, or a repeat visitor who has not yet logged in, the website price you'll see is not our best price. Minimum Advertised Price restrictions may prevent us from revealing our best price to you, we may have volume pricing incentives or a  variety of other ways to get you a better price than you see online. There are two ways to find out our best price:

  1. Create an account and login to our store. Every customer is assigned a price level upon login and you'll see your actual pricing across our entire product catalog once you're logged in. By default, the price level is for end-user customers. If you are reselling this equipment to your own customers you may qualify for reseller level pricing - contact a sales rep to inquire about becoming a reseller.
  2. Telephone our sales department. Trained product specialists are standing by during business hours to offer you the most aggressive pricing possible.

Minimum Advertised Price (MAP)

With the advent of web-based price comparison shopping engines, many online vendors have been forced to advertise rock-bottom prices simply to attract customers. In fact, the Internet has caused extraordinary downward price pressure on commodity items such as consumer electronics, and new sites pop up every day that are willing to sell below cost to attract customers. This price erosion is great for the consumer in the short term, but very hard on everyone else (sellers & manufacturer for instance) so in the long run it's bad for the consumer also. To help combat this downward price pressure, manufacturers have started implementing a "Minimum Advertised Price", which is the lowest price at which we may advertise their products. We mark these items very clearly on our website because we want to make sure you realize you can usually do a lot better than that price just by logging in or giving us a call.

Competitive Price Match

We operate in a very competitive market, and we understand that you have many options when sourcing VoIP equipment these days. We want to be your primary supplier, and we're willing to match and/or beat the prices of our competitors in order to keep your business. Every product on our website has a link to send us a price match request, and our sales reps will be happy to try to match any quotation you send them. We can't guarantee we'll be able to match or beat their price, but we can guarantee we'll try!

Reseller Pricing

Our resellers are very important to us. Telephony Depot has built a rather large following of telephone solution providers world-wide who source their equipment from us and use that gear to build solutions for their customers. We offer our resellers the most aggressive pricing levels, so ask your sales rep about becoming a reseller today.

Our Price Policy

Our price policy is really quite simple: we pledge to charge the lowest possible price for every item in our extensive catalog. That doesn't mean we'll always be your most affordable option, but hopefully we'll be close! Here's a few reasons we might not be the absolute cheapest price you can find:

  1. We employ real, live sales reps. They're well trained, knowledgeable in the equipment we're selling, and standing by to help you.
  2. We take customer service (both pre- and post-sale) very seriously and again, employ dedicated 'problem-solvers' to help take care of anything that may go wrong with your purchase from the smallest complaint all the way up to your delivery's FedEX truck catching on fire (yes, it HAS happened!)
  3. Our returns department and technical support departments process a large number of returns, warranty replacements and technical questions daily, and they do so professionally, and efficiently.
  4. We're committed to staying in business, for our sake and yours. That means we will not routinely sell at a loss just to win your business.
  5. We have several thousand square feet of warehouse space, and we ship 95% of our orders from stock. That means no delay for you, and one single shipment to track.

When you see someone with a lower price, we encourage you to ask yourself if any of the above things have value, and if they do, consider giving us your business even if we're a few pennies more. We know you will not be disappointed.

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